math exams
public speaking
how fucking big the universe is and the possibility of multiverses
hearing creepy shit in the dark
cute girls

aight aight so listen so when I go to school i figure okay that’s like a gathering of peoples my age and some of them will be cute okie so I wanna look nice so I do my hair and make up and pick out a nice outfit and this usually takes about an hour. 

And 99% of the time I go to class and go home without talking to anyone.

BUT I run to CVS at 11 at night looking like a complete bum because I just want my goddamn vitamin water of course super cute tall dark and handsome hipster boy asks if I’m in line and lets me go. And of course, flashes a reeeally nice smile at me and is adorable as fuck. And I have a crack-addict bun and I’m kinda not even wearing underwear. 

*le sign*